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Ron Lehman

Providing Quality Arizona Legal Representation For Over 35 Years

Ron Lehman has substantial experience in successfully representing small businesses resolving a wide range of challenging civil litigation, often involving real estate related disputes involving contractors, developers, investors, owners, homeowners, lenders and borrowers.  Ron serves as Outside General Counsel for a National Solar/Renewable energy company, The Sun Company -

Ron prides in giving personal attention to his clients and focuses on result-oriented solutions which resolve legal issues/disputes in the context of the client's overall life goals. In order to "holistically" resolve a dispute, it is essential to consider all effects on the client's life and family:  financial, costs of fees, stress, time, quality of life, and how much time, money and effort should be invested in litigation, which is inherently negative, as opposed to the positive aspects of our lives.


Areas of Practice

Renewable energy law

Commercial Litigation

Defaulted Real Estate

Underwater Real Estate

LOcal government law

Business Disputes

Real Estate

Homeowner and HOA issues

Real Estate Lending

Small Business Support

business negotiations



Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend.
— The Beatles


The Sun Company:  Helping Transform How We Energize!

Ron has been committed to environmental integrity his entire adult life. As a father and a grandfather, Ron believes that transformation to affordable renewable energy is essential for the future.  Ron is pleased to serve as Outside General Counsel for The Sun Company (TSC), the first solely woman owned national renewable energy company in the country.  Ron’s professional priorities are reflected in TSC’s core beliefs:

  • Mission: “to accelerate the mass adoption of renewable and efficient energy solutions with a sense of competency, innovation authenticity and caring”;

  • Vision: “to become the world’s most loved, most utilized and most profitable alternative energy Company”; and

  • Purpose: “to empower people to build a better tomorrow for themselves and the world by providing them with a cleaner, less expensive and more sustainable energy source”.

As outside General Counsel, Ron helps The Sun Company accomplish these Goals.  Ron encourages you to learn more about how renewable energy can benefit you by visiting

With the energy of the innocent, they were gathering the tools they would need to make their journey back to nature.
— Jackson Browne


Commercial Real Estate Default? Partnership Dispute? Lender Problems?

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Ron has extensive experience representing property owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, lenders and borrowers regarding commercial and residential real estate. Southern Arizona was particularly hit hard by the great real estate recession.  Since 1987, Ron has assisted real estate professionals in successfully resolving complex, and sometimes apparently hopeless, legal problems involving defaulted or troubled real estate projects.  Ron guides his clients in navigating the inevitable up-and-down cycles of real estate and develops winning strategic plans for the client's particular problem.  For over 30 years, Ron has successfully resolved complex legal disputes involving real estate.

Since 1994, I have enjoyed working closely with Ron Lehman. As a businessman with extensive legal, accounting and litigation experience, I insist on top quality legal advice with value-oriented expenses. Ron is very creative and competent in his analysis and resolution of the many legal matters he has handled for me, my partners and associates. Ron has unique business acumen, commonsense and a fantastic ability to analyze ‘the big picture’ in successfully resolving complex legal matters. These skills and his experience add great value to his legal work. Ron strives to conclude the problem efficiently without adding ‘fuel to the fire’ which creates a long litigation timeline with extended legal bills for both sides. Ron is an effective deal maker looking for a win-win solution. Over the years we have become close friends. I highly recommend Ron for consideration in any business and litigation matters.
— Prominent Real Estate Professional/Developer/Lender, Client For 25+ Years



Homeowner Underwater Real Estate? Trustee Sale?  Foreclosure? Strategic Default?

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It is essential that you understand your legal rights in developing a strategy to deal with distressed real estate. Arizona has anti-deficiency statutes which may protect you and assist in developing a strategy.  There are many government mandated programs and/or internal lender policies which may protect you and help you and your family through tough times.

Times are tough!  But things are getting better.  It is frustrating to deal with Lenders who are overwhelmed with foreclosures and delinquencies and often appear incompetent, unresponsive and uncaring. However, it is up to you as the Homeowner to make sure you do whatever is best for you and your family. 

If you want  to consult with an attorney experienced in helping Homeowners understand their options and develop an individual plan to deal with your distressed or underwater home ownership:  call Ron at 520 907-3213.

Without you, I could never have got my lender—one of the worst banks to deal with—to behave and come through with that loan modification.  Not only did you clearly explain to me all those complicated requirements, you accomplished our goal—something I was unable to do for two years prior to meeting you.   Along the way, you reassured me (I needed that badly) and supported me as I suffered through some serious surgery and health issues.  At my age, the stress level was important—you even managed to relieve that, for which I will never be able to thank you enough.  If I ever need legal help again, I now know someone I not only admire and respect, but trust—without reservation.”
— Successful Recipient of Modified Home Loan, Client For 3+ Years



Business/Real Estate Transaction? Need An Experienced Negotiator?

RON CAN HELP. CALL 520 907-3213 NOW


Business people often are frustrated when attorneys slow down and sometimes prevent the consummation of a business opportunity.  Ron provides personalized service in making sure his client's objectives are fulfilled while finding a "win/win" outcome.  Ron would be happy to discuss your real estate and small business transactions. 

I know Ron well enough to say that, as a negotiator, he is the best. Ron’s integrity is evident as he consistently works toward an outcome that is expedient, and in the best interest of his client. Just 2 months ago Ron was my legal representative when I sold my dental practice. His superb focus and attention to every detail in the sales contract really facilitated my business transition!
— Prominent Dentist/Investor/Real Estate Developer, Client For 25+ Years



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